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Ken's stuff.

Here are things for SALE (my email address is at the bottom):

o) Car parts:

1973 crank shaft from Ford 351C engine
- ground 10,000 miles ago
- sitting for 20 year
- needs some rust removal
- best offer

Hooker headers from 1974 400/351 engine
- were in 1974 LTD (I think)
- a bit rusty
- cost $250 30 years ago
- $50 obo

2 bbl intake and carb from Ford 351C engine - $40 obo

original air cleaner housing from Ford 351C - best offer

pan from Ford 351C engine - best offer

Moroso crome valve covers with push-in K&N filter from Ford 351C engine - best offeri

o) Integrated Circuits (ICs):


All parts are through-hole and are brand-new in static tubes/bags.

Will sell any quantity, best offers take:

QU. description
---- ----------------------------------------------------------------
1798 74HC138 (3-line to 8-line decoders/demuxes)
899 74HC245 (quad bus transceivers)
897 74HC373 (octal D-type transparent latches)
2283 74HC540 (octal buffers and line drivers with 3-state outputs)
16 TPIC6273N (octal POWER D-type FET latch)
345 TPIC6B273N (octal POWER D-type FET latch)
49 MAX202CPE (+5V RS-232 transceiver; 2 drivers; 2 receivers)
49 DS80C320 (fast execution time 8051-type microcontroller)
8 MAX205CPG (+5V RS-232 transceiver; 5 drivers; 5 receivers; NO
external capacitors needed; low-power shutdown;
TTL 3-state)

3 Cosel Power Gorilla YS505U AC/DC converter
(in: 100-120V 50-60Hz max.15A, out: +-5V 1A)

198 28-pin .600" wide machine screw sockets

~1470 .1uF monolythic capacitors; Digi-Key part #ECUS1J104KBB

56 KeyStone terminals with screws; Digi-Key part #7701K

8 Litelfuse 3AG fuse clips (without stops); Digi-Key part #F042
14 Litelfuse fuse clips part #102071
67 Litelfuse fuse clips part #5760-102078

28 Amp 557-566-1 8 port right-angle PCB mount modular jacks (8-contact)

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Please email to make an offer or ask questions.